Just love vampires

Claudia, 16, Poland.
Vampires have always played a major role in my life, but when I first saw The Vampire Diaries, I knew that this is something for me. Since then, the TVD is my biggest addiction, something that I love. And this tumblr is dedicated to TVD, and in part also, and although my życiowi TVD I love most, will also be here from time to time about other things.
Someone may think 'how can so much addicted to the series about vampires?' I answer ... 'believe you can.' ♥

lovelovelovelovelove PAWEŁ WASILEWSKI Poland <3

lovelovelovelovelove PAWEŁ WASILEWSKI Poland <3

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3.15 “All My Children”

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Stelena. :3

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Klaus: I could let you die. If that’s what you want. If you really believe your existence has no meaning. I’ve thought about it myself once or twice over the centuries, truth be told. But i’ll let you in on a little secret. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you. Great cities, and art, and music… genuine beauty. And you can have all of it. you can have a thousand more birthdays. All you have to do is ask.
Caroline: I don’t want to die.
Klaus: There you go, sweetheart. Have at it. Happy birthday, Caroline.

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We want Stelena! Ok, coming soon: D 14 episode. <3 

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I love you Stefan.

I love you Stefan.

@paulwesley dude..where art thou?
@ninadobrev the great city of Angeles… I shall return tomorrow… To the waterfalls we will go.

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Domo-kun Cute